5 Foods to keep you hydrated for your run

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May 10, 2016
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5 Foods to keep you hydrated for your run

Feeling disoriented, dizzy, or suffering from headaches after your run? This could be a direct result of dehydration. Keeping hydrated is a vital part of any physical activity, but as a runner it is essential. The human body is approximately 60 per cent water, so it goes without saying that it’s important to keep fluid levels up. Scientific studies have highlighted that a decrease of only 2 per cent in a runners body weight through loss of fluid can decrease overall athletic performance by up to a quarter. Here are 5 foods to keep you hydrated for your run.

Keeping hydrated helps with almost every aspect of a runner’s physiology, aiding in moderating body temperature, providing lubrication for joints and muscles, and flushing out the toxins in the body. As a general rule of thumb, the recommended daily intake of water is between 1.6 and 2 litres per day. However, the thought of consuming such quantities a day can seem daunting to some, while others simply don’t like the taste of water. Luckily there are alternative means of reaching an adequate hydration level than drinking water alone. While there is no substitute for water, there are certain healthy additions that you can include in your diet to increase your fluid intake, many of which are solid food sources.

Other than the name which obviously indicates that it consists of water, this fruit is a tasty way to keep hydrated. The fruit itself is made up of 92 percent water, and contains calcium, magnesium, and is an excellent source of vitamin C which can aid in reducing upper respiratory tract infections which can often occur in athletes following endurance runs.

Possibly the healthiest and most waterlogged option on this list. Whether you decide to slice them into batons to have with some hummus, or simply throw them in with a salad, Cucumbers are an excellent choice to keep hydrated. They are approximately 96 percent water, making them perfect for taking fluid on board, whilst they have the added bonus of being very high in vitamin K which helps increase bone strength.

Make a habit of snacking on these little sweet treats. Strawberries contain more water than any other berry with a water density of over 90 per cent, making them great for your pre-run hydration diet, or as part of your mid-run refueling strategy. They are also high in vitamin B folate which helps keep your arteries clear, allowing more red blood cells to carry the oxygen your muscles need during a your run, whilst there high sucrose levels give a welcome energy boost when engaging in those long runs.

Primarily constructed from water, this crunchy vegetable not only boasts impeccable water density, but it also contains an array of amino acids, and vitamins including A, C, and K which have been proven to accelerate the hydration process within the human body. While it may not hold impressive nutritional values, it has a unique benefit, in that you burn more calories while you chew, than you consume when eating it.

This is one of the most versatile hydrating foods out there. Carrots have been proven to be approximately 80 percent water. They are also great sources for replenishing the potassium that is lost through sweat during a run, this is is important due to the fact that keeping your potassium levels up during a race can help you avoid muscle cramping. Making a habit of munching on a few carrots, or even drinking a glass of carrot juice after your run can also aid your post-run recovery, due to the anti inflammatory agents that carrots possess.